Whether you're looking for a makeover, a professional shave or rejuvenating facial care, our team of passionate barbers are ready to provide you with exceptional service and a unique experience at Samuel Barber Shop.
We are waiting for you with open arms to enhance your style and take care of you!

Haircut and wash 30min

Haircut, washing and styling.

This is for normal haircut and skinfade haircuts.

All with the best tools and products on the market.

Beard grooming 30min

Beard design, profile marking classic style, with a razor using the best products for the care of your beard.

Child Cut (under 10 years old) 30min

For our youngest clients under 10years, we offer all the types of haircut for achive this lovely look that we are looking for , all done with care and love.

Long hair haircut, for the client who want just scissors all over.

Eyebrow desing 20min

*Just available with Claudia, Dionsioand Ana.

With the threading technique ,that help us to be precise and details with eyebrows, great for the sensitives skins. 

Maintenance 20min

Clipper cut on the back and side , the top just with clipper.

(does not include shaved gradient beyond sideburns or nape)

This service is great for this clients that dont like gray hair. Is a full gray coverage for your hair and your beard.

Facial cleansing and purification of the skin, facial massage, application of the produts with microvibration dermatologically tested, great for sensitive skin .

Shaving Beard Trim and Groom 40min

Haircut  and beard  design service, basic beard reduction, only with  the machine, without luxury of details and use of a razor only in the profiles.

Cut Wash and Beard grooming 60min

Detailed design service, reduction and / or grooming of beards , in the purest classic style, profiles with a razor (upper and lower) and the best products for the care of your beard and skin.

Just the back and side and top with clipper or dont cut the top + beard desing, razor just on the profiles.


Retired haircut

Haircut for retired people, from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00. The washing is not included.

Retired haircut and beard 30min

Haircut and  beard desine for retired people. From Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00.

Classic shave 30min

Shave in the purest traditional style, with brush and soap, hot towel, facial massage and use of the best products for skin care and hydration.

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